COME TO THE PARTY! That which was lost is found! That which was dead is alive, renewed, and restored! Join in the celebration of God's extravagant love for all of us through the songs of Wink Kelso.

01. Firefall
02. Water For My Soul
03. Only You
04. Mercy Seat
05. Draw Closer
06. Extravagant Love

07. He Shall Strengthen Your Heart
08. Living Water
09. On My Way (Our Wedding song)
10. Lifter Of My Soul
11. Time To Pray
12. Yielded & Still

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"Bring out the robe, the robe that's the best one! Bring out the ring of power! Sandal these feet with the best that I have! This is my child's finest hour! And kill me the calf that I set aside by faith when this child left my side! Start up the party, let rejoicing begin! That which was dead is alive!" Extravagant love, from the heart of the Father! I ask for a trickle and He gives me a river! I cry for a bread crumb, but I'm fed at His table. Lord, fill me forever, You're more than able!

"Extravagant Love" is the love of God for a fallen world that's available to everyone through Jesus as a free gift, but more than enough for any of us in whatever situation we find ourselves in. We just need to receive it! This is our personal celebration of the Father's love as seen in the Prodigal's story in Luke 15:11-32, as we have experienced it in our journey, and seeing it in brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world as they demonstrate His love to those they live with; the highs, lows, reflections, and revelations of walking in a relationship with Jesus.

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